Treatment of complicated abdominal aortic aneurysms by endovascular repair with fenestrated Aortenstentprothesen


Due to the exponentially increasing risk of rupture Aussackungen the abdominal aorta should - called Bauchaortenaneurysmen- be turned from a diameter of 5 cm.


If there is no sufficiently long for the anchoring of a conventional stent graft aneurysm neck between the renal arteries and the beginning of the aneurysm when absorbed called juxtarenalen or pararenal aortic aneurysms, came up a few years ago only open surgery with a large incision in the abdomen and associated risks for the often heart disease, mostly elderly patients in question.

Meanwhile, these aneurysms with short or no neck can be "percutaneous" supplied endovascular minimally invasive about just over 1 cm wide strips cuts.


For this purpose, the patient's aorta, an individual stent graft made based on current computer tomography images exactly measured and from these measurements specifically for the patient in question, are incorporated in the windows for the renal arteries, and possibly also for the intestinal and hepatic artery at the exactly correct positions, because these vital arteries may be covered under any circumstances of the membrane of a stent graft.


In the implantation of such custom-made stent graft are the carved window kidney and possibly intestinal and hepatic artery probed with angiographic catheters and special wires to then introduce short-coated stents in these target vessels. These stents are expanded in the aortic stent graft in the manner that a water and blood tight connection here.

Thus, the sealing zone of the departure area of ​​the kidney and intestinal arteries could be shifted towards the heart and aortic aneurysms are treated by endovascular a short or no neck with a significantly reduced risk to the patient.



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■ Treatment of complicated abdominal aortic aneurysms by endovascular repair with fenestrated Aortenstentprothesen

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